Team Monter Ventures Castelan

  • @IrvOfficial says:

    πŸ’‘ Work with us:

  • @michaelomowale3381 says:

    What if you add backdated business trade lines to your aged corp. Will that work for business funding?

    • @IrvOfficial says:

      You have to look at the system as a whole.

      Backdating trade lines if they’re not congruent to the formation of the business and the type of tradeline reporting in alignment with the actual industry then defeats the purpose of having it report.

    • @michaelomowale3381 says:

      @@IrvOfficial Makes sense.

  • @tattooguy5586 says:

    A lot of them are click bait. I started my LLC three months ago and still waiting to get funding.

  • @Creditconnector says:

    Great video

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