NEW Law Bans Side Hustles & Side Gigs in the United States

NEW Law Bans Side Hustles & Side Gigs in the United States
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  • @CEODeshayla says:

    Click Here to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Business ➡

  • @everythingbyjohn says:

    It’s things like this why ppl are voting trump again.

  • @roninj8205 says:

    Great info

  • @claudettewallace4935 says:

    Hold up Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash or not small companies. and they get away with avoiding a lot of tax. I also hope you are not doing this to cause fear, then turn around and try to sell somebody something🙄

    • @CEODeshayla says:

      Fear? This doesn’t not apply to me lol I simply made this video to warn others and it doesn’t not just have to do with Uber, Lyft, etc those are just examples. The law effects other businesses as well.

    • @NinefoeWack-yu8vf says:

      What are you talking bout????? You better ride up and listen to the news the lady produce. And if you think Thay won’t tax Uber Lyft then you got anger thing coming

  • @NinefoeWack-yu8vf says:

    I told people they will ruin America. The side hustle built America and help Americans stay afloat. This country will fall hard

  • @calisingh7978 says:

    Welcome to agenda 2021, 2030

  • @dank.sinatra says:

    80% of all dollars in circulation right now did not exist until 2020. Prices are not going to go down until spending stops and taxes are eased up on.

  • @latangahilldavison956 says:

    Now we can’t earn extra money when we need to, what is this America coming too smh😮😮😮

  • @cookieuspsgov says:

    Love your videos. You provide so much information.

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