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  • @ricktexas3291 says:

    Why would you get a business loan if you can get credit cards with 100,000.00 limits?

  • @Consultwthomas says:

    You would need money to handle payroll unless you can convert credit to cash.

  • @Isaiah2vsMicah4 says:

    I am a new LLC with bad personal credit due to medical bills. I have an invoice for 100 k for equipment needed. Im providing electric vehicle charging. Can I get a loan for that?

    • @returnnofthemac says:

      I am currently pursuing the same industry for my next business (EV Charging). I think it’s best to talk with the bank directly. This is still a new thing and there are lots of kinks still being sorted out.

    • @CreditSuite says:

      Give us a call! We’d love to speak to you in more detail: 727-617-7803

    • @CreditSuite says:

      EV charging has been around for 20+ years. The industry age has nothing to do with the funding you’re attempting to get.

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